Islamic Peace Association of Korea is managed by Islamic Peace Association of Korea

Islamic Peace Association is oppose all kind of terrorism and doing all the best for spreading peaceful message of Islam.

We Love all Korean muslims and encourage them and support them. We doing all the best for help them to not fall down to extremism but we want them unite in one Islam. As long as they follow Quran and Sunnah. We want become one ummah because Allah order to us to not separate each other.

Islamic Peace Association also doing work for the First Islamic Broadcasting in Korea (IslamicKoreaTV 한국이슬람방송).
We just doing live streaming via Internet but it is great work and very challenging. even there is no any Islamic organization nor any masjid were able to do this work until now. because a lot of Korean people thinking that Islam is terrorism and they hate muslims so much . but we doing this work and made a lot of people realize that Islam is mercy and peace. and this is beautiful religion which is most pure religion of Ibraheem which is worship Allah alone without any partner. Alhamdulillah.

We will never give up, We will not stop to manage this important website and We will keep continue live broadcasting until the end of time. Insha’Allah

may Allah accept us and help us and forgive our sins and grant us jannah. aameen.

– Founder of Islamic Peace Association of Korea, Abdullah Dongshin Park

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